I’m a visual artist who works in painting, illustration, and photography. My most current work is in neo-expressionist paintings where I work in mixed media on canvas. I create vibrantly colorful images of cartoony and disproportionate characters and scenes pulling from a 1980’s pop-culture palette inspired by my childhood, and I work the canvas with rough brush strokes as I freely transfer thoughts and images onto the canvas like a pencil in a personal sketchbook. Words, phrases, and sometimes even short poems are written, crossed out, and replaced in the paintings to create fractured narratives. Although my images may appear fun and playful, upon closer examination, they can reflect an uncanny underlying nature.



  • Liberty University (2018-Present) - Doctorate of Worship Studies
  • Azusa Pacific University (2013-2016) - Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art
  • University California Santa Barbara (2007) - South Coast Writing Project (SCWriP) Certificate
  • Point Loma Nazarene University (2005-2007) - Master of Arts in Education / Teaching Credential (Single Subject Art and English)
  • California State University, Bakersfield (1999-2004) - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology / Bachelor or Arts in English



  • Art and English High School Teacher (2004-Present)
  • College Writing Tutor and English Lab Instructor (2001-2004)



  • Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA)
  • Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP)
  • Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA)



  • March 22nd of 2018 - Bakersfield Museum of Art, ARTMIX, Group Exhibition (Bakersfield, CA)
  • March 3rd to April 7th of 2018 - New Profanity, Mental Illness, Group Exhibition (Hollywood, CA)
  • March 1st to June 1st of 2018 - The First Floor Gallery, It's Like, Rad Art, Group Exhibition (Santa Clarita, CA) 
  • January 20th to March 18th of 2018 - Exhale Unlimited, Introducing the Blue Duck, Solo Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • January 10th-14th of 2018 - LA Art Show, Unsound, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • November 29th to December 15th of 2017 - The Six, Strange Brew, Group Exhibition (Calabasas, CA)
  • October 20th to February 3rd of 2017 - Paint the Town Gallery, Weird Things, Group Exhibition (Taft, CA)
  • October 15th of 2017 - Pyrenees Cafe, Artist Connection Art Show, Group Exhibition (Bakersfield, CA)
  • August 12th to September 2nd of 2017 - Beyond the Lines Gallery, Moments Captured, Group Exhibition (Santa Monica, CA)
  • June 2nd to August 20th of 2017 - Metro Galleries, My Trippy Wonder, Solo Exhibition (Bakersfield, CA)
  • April 22nd to May 13th of 2017 - Groundspace Project, Times Three! 3-Person Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Spring of 2017 - Art Reveal Magazine No. 27 Interview, Magazine Publication
  • March 2nd of 2017 - Bakersfield Museum of Art, ARTMIX, Group Exhibition (Bakersfield, CA)
  • February 11th-20th of 2017 - Gallery 825, Multiple Feeds, Group Exhibition (Hollywood, CA)
  • February 4th to March 18th of 2017 - The Empty Space, Stories of Wonder, Solo Exhibition (Bakersfield, CA)
  • January 6th-27th of 2017 - The Younger Gallery, Manifestation: 3 Views, 3-Person Exhibition (Bakersfield, CA)
  • December 10th to January 13th of 2017 - Gallery 825, Los Angeles Art Association Open Show, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • December 3rd-30th of 2016 - Launch! Gallery, Krampus Christmas, Group Exhibition (Culver City, CA)
  • November 5th to December 1st of 2016 Beyond the Lines Gallery, Portraits, Group Exhibition (Santa Monica, CA)
  • November 1st-18th of 2016 - L Gallery, Stories of Wonder, Solo Exhibition (Azusa, CA)
  • October 1st-29th of 2016 - Beyond the Lines Gallery, Performance, Group Exhibition (Santa Monica, CA)
  • September 16th-18st of 2016 - Beyond the Lines, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA) 
  • September 1st of 2016 - Agape Creative Studios, ArtHop, Solo Exhibition (Fresno, CA)
  • July 30th - August 13th - Groundspace Project, Groundswell, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • July 1st-13th of 2016 - Robert Bullock Gallery, Dream Pop, Solo Exhibition (Azusa, CA)
  • June 10th -17th of 2016 - Gallery 825, Out There, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • June 4th to July 1st of 2016 - Millard Sheets Art Center, SoCal MFA, Group Exhibition (Pomona, CA)
  • Summer of 2016 - Photographer’s Forum 36th Contest Finalist Honorable Mention, Magazine Publication
  • May 20th-21st of 2016 - Beyond the Lines Gallery, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA) 
  • January of 2016 - Follow Pepper, Artificial Realities, Group Exhibition (Pasadena, CA)
  • January of 2016 - Exhale Unlimited Gallery, Resolution, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • November of 2015 - Emergent, An Insight into Dreams, Solo Exhibition (Aurora, IL)
  • July of 2015 - Exhale Unlimited Gallery, Recolor Recover, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA) 
  • July of 2015 - Robert Bullock Gallery, Camouflage, Group Exhibition (Azusa, CA)
  • May of 2015 - Bakersfield Museum of Art, Californians at Play, Group Exhibition (Bakersfield, CA)
  • March of 2015 - Art Institute of CA, Inland Empire Visual Art Gallery, HS Faculty Exhibit, Group Exhibition (San Bernardino, CA)
  •  March of 2015 - The Younger Gallery, KHSD Art Teacher Show, Group Exhibition (Bakersfield, CA)
  • June of 2014 - Exhale Unlimited Gallery, Beyond IkeaGroup Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Spring of 2014 - 34th Photographer’s Forum Honorable Mention, Magazine Publication
  • April of 2014 - Exhale Unlimited, A Matter of Death and Life, Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Spring of 2013 - Photographer’s Forum 33rd Contest Finalist Honorable Mention, Magazine Publication